A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the Medical University of Lublin. Active participant in scientific conferences and specialised courses in the field of microscopic endodontics, cosmetic dentistry and prosthetics. He continously widens his knowledge in the field of aesthetic medicine.
Dentist. She graduated from the Medical University of Lodz. Member of the Polish Endodontic Association (PTE). She specialises in endodontic (root canal) treatment conducted using a microscope as well as conservative and paediatric dentistry. She performs all procedures using a magnifying glass and a microscope. Participant of many courses and trainings, which translates into overall expertise on ...
Piton Wojciech, 2018-11-28 18:25
Dr Skrzypek has great skills, expertise, knowledge and integrity. I used her services of several times and was even more satisfied each time. I will come back regularly and recommend her to all friends.
An experienced clinician, always smiling and cheerful, referred to by patients as a 'dentist for special assingments'. A Cracovian, currently living with his family in Giebułtów. A graduate of the Jagiellonian University (2001) He gained his most important expertise and training in advanced dentistry in England and Wales, where he worked as a dentist for over 12 years. Courses and universit...
, 2019-01-03 02:11

While in Poland, I benefited from a dental visit with Dr Paweł Sobociński. The Doctor received me very warmly and kindly. He took as much time as needed for conversation and good advice. I was completely calm sitting in the dental chair. I would like to emphasise that in the past I experienced rather great stress in such situations! He did his job perfectly (I didn't even feel the pinch of the needle). Great thanks to Dr Sobociński for the best care and I assure you that I will use his help on more than one occasion. I recommend the same to everyone!

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