Computer Assisted Anaesthesia

Computer controlled anesthesia using SleeperOne is an innovative solution enabling painless administration of anaesthesia before the dental procedure. It is especially recommended for performing anaesthesia in children and people who are sensitive to pain and who are afraid of syringe. 


Description of treatment

With SleeperOne, the administration of the anaesthetic is controlled by a microprocessor. This system analyses the resistance of tissues and adjusts the pressure so that it does not exceed the limit of pain sensation. Thanks to this, the process itself is short and stress-free. When applying anaesthesia with a traditional syringe, pain is caused by spreading of tissue - the anaesthetic fluid is injected under pressure, which 'pushes' the tissues and is felt as pain of varying intensity.

SleeperOne works completely differently. The fluid is applied at physiological speed, i.e. such  that allows the tissues to absorb the fluid on a regular basis - no high pressure is created, therefore there is no unpleasant feeling of spreading in the gum. The computer constantly controls whether the application pace is correct.

Advantages of treatment
  • Painless anesthesia with quick effect.
  • Elimination of unpleasant feeling of spreading during anaesthesia.
  • The parameters for administering anaesthesia are microprocessor controlled, which guarantees efficiency and safety. 
  • Elimination of numbness in the face and the risk of biting lips (especially by children) mainly in anaesthesia of one tooth.