Icon - Treatment of White Spots

White spots on smooth tooth surfaces are an aesthetic problem, especially if they affect the front teeth, which lose their healthy shine and look neglected. They can also be the first signs of caries, and also arise after removing the braces at the site of the brackets.

In all of the above cases, the innovative method using ICON will be effective.


Description of treatment

Icon is the first product in the world of this kind that allows to remove white spots and stop caries without using a drill and without anesthesia. It is a liquid that, thanks to its unique refractive properties, effectively removes white spots. Additionally, penetrating into the microporosity of demineralised enamel, it closes it and creates an insulating barrier resistant to acids and bacteria. Thanks to this, it inhibits the development of initial caries.

The treatment of one tooth takes about a quarter of an hour and involves removing the outer enamel layer, followed by application of a gel containing 15% hydrochloric acid (HCl) for 2 minutes to reveal 'subsurface' pores. So-prepared surface of the tooth is dried with ethanol after which the stomatologist applies a high fluidity Icon resin to the applicator. Thanks to the capillary force, it undergoes spontaneous absorption and infiltrates and fills the pores of the carious lesion, followed by its hardening. This prevents further penetration of the tooth by cariogenic acids and prolongs the length of its life. Icon method allows for gentle treatment without drilling inaccessible changes on the surfaces of the proximal teeth without unnecessary loss of healthy hard tissue. The procedure can be carried out during one visit. The technique does not require anaesthesia, and the cured surface looks like a healthy enamel

Advantages of treatment
  • Aesthetic effect visible immediately after the procedure
  • Restoration of the natural tooth colour
  • Painless method: no drilling, no anaesthesia
  • Treatment is just one visit
  • Stopping early caries without losing healthy tooth tissue
  • Extending the tooth's life cycle


Preparation for treatment

No specific preparation is required for treatment.