Lingual Braces - INCOGNITO System

  1. What are lingual braces
  2. For whom
  3. Advantages of system
  4. Furation of treatment


Lingual braces are a system of braces whose braces are stuck to the teeth from the side of the tongue. Locks are adapted to the individual shape of the tooth crown. Thanks to the incredible precision of matching the shape of the teeth, orthodontic treatment with lingual braces is shorter and more efficient.

INCOGNITO SYSTEM is an excellent, discreet alternative to a typical, highly visible orthodontic appliance. Locks are individually designed for each patient. For that purpose, we take dental impressions and carry out three-dimensional imaging. Arches are attached to the brackets that affect the teeth




Lingual braces made individually for a specific patient can be used for patients in different age groups. This apparatus is especially recommended for children, as it eliminates the risk of damaging the tooth surface, manifested in the form of delimited white circles. 


Comfort and aesthetics of use are the two most obvious advantages of the INCOGNITO system. Furthermore, there are no age restrictions, and the palette of disadvantages that can be treated with a lingual apparatus is very broad. With these devices you can cure all malocclusions, from minor dental abnormalities to complex malocclusions and jaw bone defects..

Individual language devices - advantages:

  • treatment is completely invisible,
  • they can cure any malocclusion,
  • they have no age restrictions,
  • they are precisely matched to the teeth,
  • treatment is faster than with fixed standard braces.


Lingual braces allow for shortening of the treatment time. The force applied to the tooth is close to the centre of resistance, which means that the teeth move faster. In the case of simple crowding of the lower teeth, the defect can be cured on average in 6 months.

FREQUENCY OF VISITS: every 8 weeks