Microscopic Root Canal Therapy

Microscopic root canal treatment is a modern dental procedure. Due to its precision it is characterised by safety and high efficiency. The use of the microscope helps the doctor locate and correctly develop individual tooth canals. Thanks to the use of microscopes, root canal treatment does not require multiple visits. Specialised equipment makes it possible to enlarge the treated tooth and thoroughly clean the root canal, which determines the success of the therapy. Endodontic treatment under a microscope is especially recommended for molars.

Description of treatment

Root canal treatment uses a top class surgical microscope, allowing full insight into the interior of the pulp chamber, and above all the root canals, which, due to their small size, are almost invisible to the naked eye. The microscope allows you to look inside the root canals, assess their length and shape, and possible damage to the root wall (crack, perforation). 

Advantages of treatment
  • shorter treatment time
  • tightness of root canal filling
  • accuracy
  • no reinfection (the canal is not infected during treatment by salivary germs)


Indications for microscopic root canal therapy

Microscopic root canal therapy is most often undertaken in the case of:

  • teeth treatment after injuries,
  • treatment of teeth with root resorption,
  • removal of prefabricated and cast crown-root inlays,
  • opening of narrow, hard to locate, obliterated and curved canals,
  • root canal treatment of teeth with incomplete root development,
  • opening of canals filled with silver caps and cement,
  • closing of the perforation of the fundus of the tooth chamber and root canals (MTA),
  • diagnosis of root fracture and fractures of the fundus of the multi-root tooth chambers.