Self-Ligating Braces - DAMON System

  1. What are self-ligating braces
  2. For whom
  3. Advantages of the system
  4. Duration of treatment


The non-lgated technique is the next step in the development of orthodontics, consisting in closing the arch in the gap of the lock with a special flap, and not tying it with an elastic band (so-called ligature). The arch moves freely eliminating the friction considerably, especially at the initial stage of treatment. For the patient, this means a shorter wearing time, fewer follow-up visits, and minimal pain. Hygiene is also easier because there are no flexible ligatures that make removing accumulated deposits difficult.

DAMON SYSTEM is a combination of brackets, cheek tubes, technologically advanced arches of light forces and minimally invasive treatment procedures.



The use of self-ligating apparatus is recommended for people with difficult anatomical conditions and those who want to get an aesthetic appearance in a faster time without the need for frequent visits to the orthodontist. Before starting treatment it is always necessary to visit a specialist who will accurately recognise the problem and choose the optimal solution. The self-ligating apparatus can be used by both adults and children. A permanent brace may only be worn for children when they have all permanent teeth.

When deciding on treatment with self-ligating orthodontic braces, it is recommended to visit an orthodontist who will thoroughly examine the malocclusion and perform impressions of the upper and lower teeth. It is very important that all teeth are cured from dental caries and tartar before starting treatment.


DAMON system – advantages:

  • non-ligating brackets do not have to be 'bound', they are gentle on teeth and soft tissues;
  • wires made in advanced technology from the so-called shape memory;
  • comfort and faster tooth movement, thanks to a modern sliding mechanism;
  • fewer regulations and visits at the dentist's office;
  • orthodontic treatment in most cases not requiring tooth extraction;
  • easier dental and oral hygiene than with a traditional fixed appliance;
  • Damon apparatus suitable for patients of all ages;
  • unique treatment philosophy, taking into account the patient's anticipated appearance in the future, age 50 years and above.


Treatment with traditional braces would most likely require the removal of four teeth to provide space for very crowded teeth; treatment would last at least two years. Thanks to the Damon system, it was handled without removing teeth. After 14 months, the ten-tooth smile was attractive and natural.


Reduced friction accelerates and shortens treatment time from 3 to 6 months. 

FREQUENCY OF VISITS: every 10 - 12 weeks