Twin Block

  1. What is TWIN BLOCK
  2. For whom
  3. Advantages of the system
  4. Duration of treatment


Twin-Block braces consist of two parts: upper and lower. They are not permanently connected, but must be used simultaneously. They are held with braces (properly bent orthodontic wires). They must always be worn, even while eating and sleeping. Twin-Block can only be removed for hygiene purposes and for sports.
Depending on the malocclusion, the plates can be equipped with orthodontic screws, which are designed to expand the dental arches. This can affect the jaw and mandible, although more often a screw is required only in the upper plate.


The braces work in two ways: 
  1. active – through a screw with which the dental arch is widened and with springs and clamps; 
  2. functional – it uses muscle strength to treat malocclusion.


Twin-Block orthodontic braces are a very popular orthodontic appliance used during the growth of the body (mainly during permanent replacement of milk teeth). 


TWIN BLOCK braces – advantages:

  • allows to start corrective treatment during the period of organism growth (even when replacing milk teeth permanently);
  • allows to start corrective treatment during the period of organism growth (even when replacing milk teeth permanently);
  • makes breathing easier (pulling the tongue out of the throat);
  • sets the mandible in the correct position relative to the jaw;
  • corrects and stimulates the proper development of the entire skull;
  • brings very quick and visible results;
  • allows to avoid subsequent long-term and expensive orthodontic treatment;
  • changes the temporomandibular joint system, whose abnormal functioning can be transmitted to many seemingly unrelated ailments in adulthood (from insomnia and severe migraines, to spine pains and serious posture defects)). 



Treatment with the Twin-Block orthodontic appliance lasts about 7-9 months. At this time, the temporomandibular joint undergoes constant reconstruction (this is checked by trying to retract the mandible by pressing on the patient's chin - if the mandible does not retract, it means that orthodontic treatment has had the desired effect). After the end of treatment with the active Twin-Block apparatus, retention treatment should be started - maintaining the correct condition. You can use the brace plates to fix their position, or recommend using retention plates or set up a permanent retention rail.